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Hoe milieuvriendelijk is refurbishen precies?

How environmentally friendly is refurbishing exactly?

door Quint Klosse

In an era where electronic devices are part of our daily lives, you probably think about buying a new device. But do you opt for something brand new or a refurbished product? What impact do refurbished products have on the environment and how environmentally friendly is refurbishing? Reduction of wasteA 2020 study by the Global E-waste monitor* shows that refurbishing contributes significantly to reducing E-waste (electronic waste). It ...

5 reasons why a refurbished rugged laptop is perfect for you as a mechanic

door Quint Klosse

As a mechanic you are often on the road and you have to work at different locations. Having the right tools is then very important to be able to carry out your work as efficiently as possible. One of those tools is a good laptop. In this article, we’ll give you five reasons why a refurbished rugged laptop is perfect for you as a mechanic. Robustness and durability A refurbished rugged laptop is specially designed to take a beating. They ...

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