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Meet the team behind Dubbelgaaf.nl!

DubbelGaaf.nl is more than just a webshop, store and workshop. In fact, we are a motivated team with over 20 years of experience and value quality and your satisfaction. Thus, we always look for a product that fits your needs and desires.

You can come to us for refurbished products. We supply laptops, computers, iPads and tablets. Of course, we don’t just put these products on our web store. We perform extensive testing, clean the product and erase data from the previous user. We use the following principle for this: as soon as a product does not pass the tests, we do not sell it. If the product successfully passes this procedure, we will install it with a legitimate operating system. This assures you that you can use you computer without worry.

We too know, an accident is in a small corner. Therefore, feel free to visit us if your device breaks down or if you experience any problems. In addition to visiting our store, you can also contact us by phone or via email. We can even help you remotely on your laptop or PC using screen sharing. We always try to fix the problem.

Finally, we supply our products with a minimum of 24 months warranty. If the period is longer or shorter it is clearly stated on the product. Has the warranty expired and then you run into a problem? No worries, even after the warranty period we are happy to solve your problems.

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