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Our refurbished rugged range mainly includes rugged tablets and rugged laptops. We strive for diversity in our offer. In this way we can support you as well as possible with a tablet or laptop that is made to support you in difficult working conditions.
Stands in its power
Rugged at focuses primarily on the business customer. Rugged models are known to work under harsh conditions. For example, dusty rooms, rooms with both extremely high and low temperatures or for people who are on the road a lot. This allows you to focus on your tasks and the laptop or tablet does the work for you.

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    Dell Latitude Extreme Rugged Tablet at

    Dell Latitude 7220 Rugged Extreme Tablet

    899,00 incl. BTW

    Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1

    999,00 incl. BTW
    Quality label A

    Dell Latitude 5420 Rugged

    1.249,00 incl. BTW

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Diverse range of refurbished

At we have a very diverse range. We offer different brands and different specifications. The advantage of refurbished laptops at is that they are all technical be in perfect condition. They are equipped with a new Windos installation and fully tested. You get warranty and service from us. Our refurbished laptops come from the business market. We choose to get the best out of laptops. The specifications of the laptops are often very good. Each laptop has a label (A, B) that indicates the extent to which there are signs of use. This is how you enjoy of a good product for a good price. And you are still doing a sustainable job for the environment.

Good for your wallet and good for the environment!


Who are part of the team behind

The team consists of 10+ employees, all of whom have been active in IT for years.

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What can you expect from a purchase at

First of all, a good product.
In addition, appropriate advice and fast service.

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How can you 'see' what you are buying?

We try to meet your expectations with quality labels RENEW, A, B and C.

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