Jibi Tempered Glass Screen Protector (iPhone 7)

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Protect your iPhone from scratches and cracks with this extra hardened screen protector! The glass has a hardness of 9H; this is up to three times stronger than a normal screen protector.


No extra weight

The strong protector is only 0.2 millimeters thick. This keeps your phone the same weight and you don’t feel any difference! In addition, the foil adheres so well to the screen that the touch sensitivity remains in its original state. As a result, you also experience the same image quality!


Safe and easy

The top layer is made in such a way that it prevents fingerprints and contamination. This way it leaves no traces of use and your phone always remains clear and clean. It is a safe screen protector. If your phone falls, the window film will break apart. The advantage of this film is that small chunks stick to it. So you do not suffer from splinters!


Easy to apply

The self-adhesive film adheres perfectly and smoothly to your phone. This way you can enjoy the ease of use without air bubbles.


How do you apply the foil?

Step 1. Clean the screen with an alcohol swab to remove all dust

Step 2. Detach the protective sheet from the self-adhesive side

Step 3. Align and apply the protector

Step 4. Press lightly on the center of the protector; he will now “suck” himself firmly to the screen

Step 5. With air bubbles you can rub them away with the micofiber cloth. Do this from the inside out. Any smaller bubbles disappear on their own after 1-2 days.



24 months

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