Dell Rugged Notebook port replicator / docking station DC45R

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This docking station gives access to a completely new desktop experience! On this docking station you can easily connect up to 2 monitors, connect to your wired network and have access to multiple USB ports! For the real pros, there are also 2 serial ports present.

Open-Box Dell Rugged Notebook Desk Docking

After a day in the workshop or in the field, process all the information comfortably and clearly? Then you need that dock. This allows you to easily create a setup as with any PC or laptop. Connect up to 2 displays, and also connect your peripherals to this dock. This way you have much more workspace, and the battery of your Rugged laptop is recharged in the meantime. This way you will be ready to go on the road again in no time! A new power adapter is included with this product. So you’re ready to go!

Works with various Dell Rugged Extreme tablets

This Dell Rugged notebook docking works with different types of Rugged Notebooks: The Dell Rugged 7414, 7424, 7204, 7214, 5414, 5424 and 5420 are compatible with this dock.

Warranty period

At we think it is important that you can enjoy your purchase carefree. We do this by giving you a warranty period. On this product, the term is 1 year. This means that you can use the refurbished Dell Rugged notebook desk docking for 12 months without any worries. Do you still experience problems outside of your control? Be welcome in our store. Our team is ready to help you.

Do you experience a defect outside this warranty period? No worries! Even then we are ready for you and together we look for a suitable solution.

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For this Dell Rugged notebook desk docking we have chosen quality label Open-Box. This means that this product incl. original packaging and is in new condition. These products are also tested by us. Do you want to read more about the labels? Click here; you read a detailed explanation and look at examples.


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