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Every product we offer on DubbelGaaf.nl has a different history. In order to give the best and clearest possible picture of the physical condition of a product, we at DubbelGaaf.nl use ‘quality labels’. These give you as a customer an idea to what extent the product contains traces of use. So labels are mainly about the external characteristics of the product. The technical side can be read in the specifications. At DubbelGaaf.nl, we only go for the best result. This means that the use of our products is not hindered. Should this be the case, it is clearly and specifically stated. Often both in the product title and in the list of specifications. That way, as a customer, you always know exactly where you stand and you certainly won’t have any surprises.

Why are we providing more insight into this?
At DubbelGaaf.nl, we think it’s important that you, the customer, know where you stand. Therefore, at DubbelGaaf.nl, we place great value on providing insight into the physical condition of our products. It is important to note here that we look at our products through a figurative magnifying glass. In reality, therefore, the damage will mostly be less than that.

Quality label New

A product with the ‘New’ label, refers to a completely new product. This means that products with this label have no history of use to their name so signs of use are not an issue. Once you buy a product with this “New” label, you are the first user. These are products that come your way in complete new condition in original box after ordering. Of course, with these products you also benefit from the advantages of buying from DubbelGaaf.nl. So you enjoy a warranty period and you can always come to us with problems.

Quality label Renewd

A product labeled Renewd is a refurbished product of the highest quality, which functions perfectly technically. Products with this label have been thoroughly checked and cleaned by certified specialists and tested with official manufacturer’s software. Thus, Renewd ensures that each unit contains 100% original parts, is technically in perfect condition, and that there is no chance of defects due to the use of fake parts. Each product comes in its own durable packaging and with the latest software installed on it. However, this is a used product so there may be minimal signs of use visible.

Quality label A

A product bearing the A-Grade label contains relatively minor damage. This means that the damage is not immediately visible because they are so minimal. So the signs of use will also not be noticeable and will only be visible if you consciously look for it and/or look at it.

Some examples of signs of use that fall under an A-Grade:
– Light/small scratches
– A small dent at the corner/edge of the unit

There are a few small scratches visible in the upper left corner of this laptop.

Sample laptop with A-grade.

A light scratch runs across part of the back of the screen.

Sample laptop with A-grade.

There are a few small dents in the lower right corner.

Quality label B

A product bearing the B-Grade label contains normal scratches and normal signs of use. These are damages that are not too noticeable and therefore not immediately disturbing but are immediately noticeable. It also involves products that feature a bit more signs of use than an A-label product does. These are really marks created by the active use of the previous owner.

Some examples of signs of use that fall under a B-Grade:
– Light prints from a previously used protective cover
– Multiple visible damages on laptop edge

Example laptop B-grade DubbelGaaf.nl.

Scratches are clearly visible at the bottom right.

A scratch runs across the back of the screen. This scratch goes all over the back of the screen.

Example laptop B-grade DubbelGaaf.nl.

A few dents are visible on the lower left.

Quality label C

A product bearing the C-Grade label contains heavy scratches and signs of use that are immediately apparent. These include scratches that are a bit deeper in the casing and also dents that are a bit more substantial. At DubbelGaaf.nl, we also call the products that carry this label; visibly used. For iPhones/iPads and tablets, these damages can often be solved with a protective case. The traces of use are then no longer visible.

Important to know is that we almost never offer these products at DubbelGaaf.nl.

Sample laptop C-grade DubbelGaaf.nl.

The damage to the back of the laptop is quite visible.

Sample laptop C-grade DubbelGaaf.nl.

Several scratches run all over the back of the screen that are easily visible.

Sample laptop C-grade DubbelGaaf.nl.

Highly visible scratches on the back of the laptop.

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